Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Mentai Mayo Karaage from Rang Mang Shokudo

Mentai Mayo Karaage

OK I've done almost all of the stores at Japan Food Town now. The only ones that I have yet to try are the teppan place, the fruit bar, and the yet-to-be-opened tonkatsu and yakiniku shops. Unfortunately, the teppan place is only open for dinner, so I went back to Rang Mang Shokudo today and grabbed a couple of plates of chicken a la carte, like this mentaiko mayo one above.

In contrast to a nearly inedible bag of dried-out popcorn chicken that I got from HOT-STAR yesterday, these were moist and tasty enough that I nearly went for a third plate. Now I know: don't even bother with that lame set with rice, salad, and soup. Just go straight for a la carte plates of chicken. And hopefully they'll start serving alcohol soon, as I'm sure this would all be great when washed down with cold beer.


Gakuchi said...

I also went though the most of shops in Japan Food Town. I feel that this shop serves one of the best dish at the reasonable price. However it looks like they are not popular (less customer) I'm afraid that they may move out in the near future.

Mee rebus said...

Hi, I went there today on your recommendation. The chicken were awesome. Should have listened n ditched the plain salad n focused on chic n rice. I saw they served cold beer by the tap now. Time for a return visit?

bma said...

I've actually been going nearly every week after they started serving beer. :)