Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rang Mang Shokudo at Singapore's Japan Food Town

Yuzu Pepper Karaage Plate

Most of the shops at Wisma Atria's Japan Food Town had lines in front of them today, so I came to this chain restaurant from Japan where I breezed right in (435 Orchard Road #04-54, 6262-3504). Basically, all they sell is karaage, but you had a choice of a lot of different sauces to go with it, such as mentaiko mayo, basil & cheese, or yakiniku. I went for that yuzu pepper set above.

Yes, I liked it, especially since it was light and tender enough where you don't feel like a ball of grease after leaving the place (unlike at at Keisuke's shop). But that salad behind it was rather pointless. Next time I'll skip the set and just order two or three small plates of different flavors. Indeed, thanks to those small plates, I could also try the negi shio rayu version, which I liked even better.

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