Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pork Lard Fries at Wisma Atria's Omakase Burger

Omakase Burger and Pork Lard Fries

The first time I went to Omakase Burger, it was such a disappointing experience that I never went back. So what brought me back here today? A sign at the Wisma Atria outlet that said that they serve beef tallow fries on weekends. So I came by today to check it out.

Actually, today they were using pork lard instead of beef tallow for some reason, so I tried that instead. Now, I love pork, but I didn't like the tinge of swine in these fries. The potatoes were unremarkable too. I hope that the beef tallow fries are better.

The good thing though is that the burger was a lot better than I remember it being. The patty was tasty and beefy, and in fact I liked it so much that I'd actually come back for it. In fact, next time I should remember to double the patties (and pass on the cheese) so as to bring the taste of the beef to the foreground.

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