Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kotobuki Coffee at Wisma Atria in Singapore

Mentaiko Supagetti

A new Japanese food mall is opening up at Wisma Atria soon...but this isn't it. Isetan's Japan Food Town doesn't open until next month. This shop, however, is a Japanese restaurant that has just opened, or so I thought. It turned out that this is actually a chain that has been in Singapore for over 30 years. I've lived here for about half of that time and had never even heard of it until now.

Actually, the izakaya didn't look very good with its sushi-heavy menu. So instead we decided to go to the Western coffee offshoot next door (435 Orchard Road #01-18C, 6734-7767). And we ordered things like mentaiko supagetti and katsu sando. It wasn't anything great either, but it's yet another one of those Japanese cafes like Hoshino, Okada, and Watanabe that one can kick back at. Plus they have the bonus of serving melon soda here.

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