Sunday, May 22, 2016

Korea's Seorae Galmaegi at Plaza Singapura


There are a million Korean barbecue places in town, but this chain from Korea always struck me as rather interesting. as there was some kind of moat around the grill where one cooked egg or cheese or something. So I finally made my way there today to see what the deal was (68 Orchard Road #02-01, 6238-8429).

To my surprise, there was a line forming at its 11:30 AM opening, even though all of the tables inside were still empty. And they strangely held us in line for almost 30 minutes before finally seating people slowly (the staff inside looked really stressed scrambling to set up tables). This had better be worth it.

Well, it wasn't bad. They specialized in skirt meat, which was tender and went down the hatch easily. And yeah, those moats were filled with egg, which surprisingly didn't get overcooked. One could also order some shredded cheese to put into another part of the moat, turning it into...well, grilled cheese. I won't wait in line for that again though.

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