Saturday, April 30, 2016

Oranges and Canned Fish from Germany, Israel, and Spain

La Comtesse Geräucherte Forellen-Filets in Olivenöl

If that sounds like a random combination above, that's because it is. I just happened to find a few interesting things at stores around town recently, like that canned trout from Germany above. It was a lot better than I thought it would be; obviously it wasn't as rich as tuna, but it was delightfully smoky, and reasonably priced at only S$8 (US$6) from Huber's Butchery.

Israeli Mandarin Oranges

Cold Storage has also been selling a lot of different kinds of oranges. Sure, they had some American mandarins from Sunkist, as well as some Spanish tangerines, both of which were fine. But my favorite were these little Israeli ones in a red mesh bag, as they were consistently tangy and seedless. They were also better than a box of larger Orri mandarins that Cold Storage was selling, which incidentally were also from Israel.

Conservas y Ahumados Lou

Finally were these cans of yellow fin and north tuna belly from Spain (believe or not, I found them at Mustafa, of all places). They were both sliced thinly, but the north tuna was better than the yellow fin, the latter of which was surprisingly lean. I'll happily go back to buy more of the latter, especially since they were priced at only S$6.90 (US$5.10). I think I finally found my low-cost alternative to Don Bocarte.


Jian said...

You can find a good selection of Spanish canned seafood at Phoon Huat at Buona Vista MRT. They have at least 2 brands. I'm not sure if they carry them at their other branches though.

Jeline Ng said...

happened to see your post on the north tuna belly cans. i got it from mustafa yest and tried it. its really awesome taste. wondering hows the taste for the yellow fin one ? does it taste as good ? actually yrs ago i did tried a very nice cod liver cans from mustafa too. unfortunately mustafa stop selling already. kind of disppointed. just to check if you know anywhere in singapore i can get to buy cod liver cans ? been searching for so long but totally have no idea where to find.