Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lunch on Dongmen Pedestrian Street in Shenzhen


I wasn't too far from Laojie train station this afternoon so I stopped at Dongmen Pedestrian Street to grab a few bites off of the street, like this simple liangpi above for a mere 8 RMB (US$1.25). It was cheap and hit the spot.


After a bit of walking around, I landed on this dude with a kebab spit doing roujiamo from Shaanxi. Yes, it was salty, greasy, and delicious (although I should have asked him to double up on the chili powder). Either way, it was again a steal at only 7 RMB (US$1.10).


There were of course a million other things available, including lots of people doing chuanr as well as oysters and wonderful looking shellfish platters. But I had enough already. It might be worth coming back here at nighttime eventually though.

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