Saturday, April 30, 2016

Indian Mango Season at Mustafa

It's Indian Mango Season!

Yippeee! It's that time of the year for mangoes again, and Mustafa was loaded up with tons of them. Of course there were the usual alphonso and bangalapalli, but there were five other ones that I hadn't tried before, so I grabbed a couple of each.

The best of them all was the long-shaped dasheri, which was pleasantly rich, and certainly helped by the fact that it was also the ripest of the bunch (and now that I look at it again, I think I've had this before). The larger himpasand, on the other hand, reminded me of a Taiwanese mango in the sense that it was juicy and meaty, but not rich. The worst was the totahpuri, which incidentally was both the largest and the cheapest one...and also rather tasteless.

The last two, lalbaug and pyari, were good, but I might be mixing up their names. If I got it correct, pyari was the rounder one, and was decently sweet. But to me the more interesting one was the flatter lalbaug, whose bright orange meat was surprisingly tangy, and even borderline sour, but in a good way.

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