Tuesday, March 29, 2016

State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, California

Beef Tartare

I'd heard about this place for ages but never got around to coming here until tonight (1529 Fillmore, 415-795-1272). And it was a pretty fun place. Not only did they serve small plates in an open kitchen, but they served it "dim sum style," meaning that they walk around with trays of food for you to pick from, after which they marked it down on a tab on your table. I had a variety of things this way, such as that steak tartare above.

But there was one thing that I had to place an order and wait for: a deep-fried locally-raised quail, which is where they got the restaurant's name from (apparently they started the restaurant with that dish). It was moist yet crispy, and fun to eat. Yes, I'd come back here. The service is friendly and engaging, and the food isn't bad either. Next time maybe I should try the pork belly.

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