Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mensho Tokyo Ramen in San Francisco

Tori Paitan Ramen

Menya Shono from Japan opened up an outlet in San Francisco a couple of months ago (672 Geary Street, 415-800-8345). I passed by there every night this week and the lines were ridiculous. Fortunately, my hotel isn't too far from here, and I was able to come over after 10 PM instead, when the line was much shorter.

I ordered the tori paitan, whose broth was thick and tasty, albeit still not as savory as I was hoping for. They definitely pimped up this bowl though, featuring things like kale and duck chashu. Sure, it was a quality bowl, and I might try the shio ramen next time. But not if I have to wait in line again.

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Saru Sushi on 24th Street is really good, have you heard of it? We try to go there whenever we're in the City, which isn't often enough.