Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zarautz in Barcelona, Spain


I met some folks at this Basque place after work for some post-conference chats (Carrer de l'Elisi 13, +34 933 252813). It was a warm place with decent food and drinks. But I won't make any huge effort to go back. Indeed, I saw a lot of tourists there; was this place featured in a guide book or something?

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Joe Broker said...

Your site is still one of my favorites on the web. I come here almost every day to see what you had for dinner (and lunch, and breakfast) and I am always delighted, even when it was something you thought was less than wonderful. I have what is certainly a hyper-idealized vision of your life, flying around the world and eating all this incredible food. I know that not all the meals are marvelous, and that I am completely ignoring the hard work you do between them, but it seems like a very good lifestyle indeed to me. Please keep enjoying it so that I can too, if only vicariously!