Friday, January 22, 2016

Kite on Craig Road in Singapore

Dirty Vegetables

I'd heard about these guys a while back, but could never get in the mood to try them out. Yet today, I happened to be walking by their shop at lunch time (53 Craig Road #01-01, 9729-7988), and it looked like it might have some promise. I went in to see if it were any good.

It was. The food was fresh and creative, and oftentimes laced with a hint of local flavors. For instance, those "dirty vegetables" above were composed of carrot sticks and asparagus spears dipped in a mildly sweet mixture of brown butter and ground coffee that tasted a bit like Milo Dinosaur. I was surprised by how much I liked it.

Other fun items here included a cold somen tossed in Chinese lap cheong sausage oil, as well as a creamy soup-like dish of corn, portobello, king oyster mushrooms, and polenta, which I gobbled up in an instant. I'll be happy to come back here, especially since the list of cocktails looked worthy of a try too.

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