Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cactus Tacos from an All-Inclusive Resort in Cancún

Nopal al ajillo con queso panela tacos

I'm at a friend's wedding in Cancún for the next couple of days, and it's at an all-inclusive resort. So while I can pig out and drink myself silly, I'm not sure if I'm going to like the cooking at what is effectively a cruise ship that doesn't move. The good thing though is that they have several different cuisines available for you to choose from, and I naturally opted for the Mexican one.

Fortunately, this one had some local Yucatean dishes on the menu, particularly a shrimp done tixin-xic style. Apparently the Mayans used shark's fin originally, but today it's just fish, or in this case, prawns. Either way, it all centered around a paste called achiote, which despite being deep red in color, isn't actually that spicy. But it is slightly earthy and went well with the seafood.

Of course, nothing in that photo above is red; instead, those were just some cactus tacos that I got on the side. It wasn't really that different from the last time I ate cactus: nearly tasteless, although this one was more finely chopped and topped with cheese. Well, I loved the coarseness of those corn tortillas, and the guy brought out a surprisingly potent green salsa that really packed a punch. I was still happy either way.

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