Thursday, October 22, 2015

YOLO Food at Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar

Salmon Tataki Salad

This place has been open at Icon Village for a while now (12 Gopeng Street #01-01, 6221-3029). But with a name like that, I had no idea what kind of food they were selling. It was only when I took a closer look did I realize that the motto was "Eat & Live Like YOLO," the idea being that food can be both healthy and good.

It certainly was healthy, with that salmon tataki salad above being one of the better ones (I liked the cauliflower dish too). Still, there are many things here that I won't get again, like a Greek salad that was loaded up with lots of dry and boring pasta. The portions are pretty small too, but I guess that's the point.

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