Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tai Wing Wah Village Cuisine in Wan Chai, HK

Pork Lard Rice

That photo above probably doesn't look that interesting. But ignore those chicken tender-like things on the right (they were actually deep fried fish). The reason why I suggested this place for a team lunch today was for the other three items: rice, a bottle of soy sauce, and a bottle of pork lard (1D Stewart Road, 2511-1663).

Yep, pork lard. I wanted pork lard rice, an item that isn't common in HK anymore due to health reasons, but is as deliciously sinful as it sounds. They don't even have it on the menu; it is only available with large banquets, but you can ask for soy sauce and lard to pour onto your rice if ordering a la carte. And damn, it was fragrant, in part due to the soy sauce, which is apparently the equivalent of "extra virgin" in the soy sauce world. I basically could have eaten nothing but that rice. But alas, we had to get more than just that.

And so we did, especially since this place specialized in "village food" that isn't otherwise common in the city, like a fish intestine and bitter melon omelette, as well as a braised chicken that was just brimming with tasty yellow fat. Yes, it was all pretty cholesterol-heavy in the end, but oh, was it good. This place has instantly rocketed to one of my favorite local places to eat in HK.

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