Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pho Xpress in Downtown San Diego


After crossing the border this afternoon, I suddenly got a craving for a thin refreshing soup. And while I briefly considered getting off the trolley at Barrio Logan, somehow the thought of phở sounded better than menudo. So I did a quick Google search and found this place a block away from the 5th Avenue Station (1125 6th Avenue, 619-531-9333).

I was a bit worried at first that a phở shop in a neighborhood like this couldn't be any good. So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Indeed, it made me realize how much I still prefer American-style phở. Too bad these guys aren't open late though; it might've come in handy the other night when we were trying to hunt down food after a few drinks.

Note to self: next time you are coming back into the US from TJ on foot and see a huge line in what seems to be the Sentri lane on the right, just use the former arrivals lane on the left and cruise straight through to the front. Global Entry rocks.

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