Friday, September 25, 2015

Kentucky Fried Buches in Tijuana, Mexico

Kentucky Fried Buches

I'd been wanting to come here for a while now, especially after seeing it on both Bourdain and Zimmern's shows (Avenida Constitución 670, +52-664-118-5766). It was surprisingly cheap at only 35 pesos (US$2), and was quite an experience trying to figure out how to eat those chicken necks along with those greasy chips. I can see how this would be fitting after a number of drinks.

Epilogue: my driver the next day told me that this place has been around for at least 40-50 years. It got its start by buying all of the discarded chicken necks that others didn't want, and thus sold them at very cheap prices, which at that time were a dozen necks for only US$1. Seriously, whoever was throwing them away was losing out. All of the flavor is in the fat-laden skin on the neck, making it a bit like a Mexican version of buffalo wings.

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