Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Tokyo's Nikunohi in Singapore

Steak and Hanbaagu Set

This yakiniku place at Suntec's Eat at Seven finally opened a few weeks ago, so I came over for lunch today (3 Temasek Boulevard #03-316, 6837-0263). But instead of yakiniku, I got this steak and hanbaagu lunch set, which was a mistake. It wasn't really much better than what you might find at a food court (and that's not just because of the ugly plastic tray that it arrived in). Sure, the meat was tender, and the seasoning wasn't bad, but I'm never getting that again. I will, however, come back for the yakiniku, especially since there was a 50% off promotional price that I want to take advantage of. I have a feeling that it will be *much* better.

Epilogue: We came here for a yakiniku lunch the next day, and the service was a nightmare, even if the food was fine. I'm sure that they'll eventually get their operations in order over time, but Yazawa is still my go-to place for yakiniku...or more likely Kazuya or Kinoshita for more down-to-earth prices.

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financefoodie said...

go try out yakiniquest (boat quay) if you have the chance. they are founded by a group of Japanese bloggers who over the past 10 years visited 1500 stores.. their findings are incorporated into this store which serves just omakase yakiniku beef courses. their beef are well aged japanese beef.