Monday, August 10, 2015

My First Taste of Kokubu's Kantsuma from Japan

Kokubu's Kantsuma

Cold Storage had a collection of Japanese items today, some of which I noticed included canned sardines and octopus. I picked up a few out of sheer curiosity, only realizing afterwards that these are called kantsuma, which is short for canned otsumami. The company basically found a way to market these as drinking snacks. Cool!

Anyway, the sardines came in a variety of flavors; I got a habanero-based one. It was a bit off-puttingly sweet at first, but I eventually liked it once the heat kicked in. I also got a can of octopus (interestingly tagged as Galician, mind you), but that one was forgettable. I'm not going to be rushing to get these again, but maybe my opinion will change after I finally open the spicy miso squid that I bought today.

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