Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lin Yang Gang Seafood in Taipei, Taiwan

Cuttlefish Mouths

When I mentioned to the team that I wouldn't mind trying some proper sanbeiji, they said that you had to go to a type of place called a re chao. Basically, it was like a Taiwanese version of an izakaya, where one goes to drink beer and nibble on some food. This place (99 Chang'an East Road Section 1, +886-2-2531-1010) was particularly rowdy and a good way. Best of all, there was not a tourist in sight; it was truly for locals. Rock on!

And yeah, I liked the food, including the sanbeiji, which was spiked with basil, as well as those cuttlefish mouths above, which were done in a salt and pepper style (and beaks removed for easier eating at that). We had some clams, shredded tofu skin, and an omelette that were enjoyable too, as well as some kind of an intestine dish done Hakka-style, if I heard it correctly. I'll come back, although ultimately it would be for the fun energy there more than anything else.

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