Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dongbei Lama "Hot Mother" in Taipei, Taiwan

Dongbei Lama Hot Pot

That title above probably sounds like a scene out of American Pie. To be sure, I didn't see them using the English name at the restaurant itself (308 Guangfu South Road Lane 51, 02-27312309), but their website's URL uses it. The direct translation probably could've been "Spicy Mother" instead.

And that's kinda what this place really was, as if you stepped into this gentle and caring mother's house and she made hot pot for you. Despite the name though, she didn't seem to focus too much on the mala spicy type, but rather the pork and sour cabbage variety.

That sour broth was fine, but the quality of the ingredients wasn't really anything special. Well, my objective was actually to go to a bar around the corner. It's just that I needed to get some dinner first, and this place just happened to be available.

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