Sunday, July 26, 2015

Teppei Syokudo at Takashimaya Singapore

Salmon Kaisendon

As much as I liked Teppei when he first opened his shop, I've never liked his bara chirashi. So when he opened his stand at the basement of Takashimaya (391 Orchard Road #B207-7-3), I never bothered with it. Still, today I needed to bring home something quick, cheap, and healthy, so I figured that this might be the right time to give it a second chance.

The good thing was that he offered more than just his kaisendon, such as that salmon bowl above. And while I liked this one a little better, it still took the same unfortunate approach: unnecessarily large cuts of pre-seasoned meat, which I wasn't a fan of. To be sure, I also tried a bite of the kaisendon too, and I clenched my face not just once, but on both bites that I had, as the fish just didn't taste fresh.

Well, the good thing is that he has a bunch of other stuff available there, including menchi katsu, croquettes, and bento boxes. And actually, one thing that I got today that I *did* like was his onigiri, which is properly wrapped in that nifty seaweed wrapper too. I'll happily get those again, but I'm keeping my distance from the kaisendon.

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