Monday, July 13, 2015

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Chi-Q in Shanghai, China


This must be really confusing, as a Michelin-starred French chef from New York is running a Korean place in China (3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road 2F, +86 21 6321 6622). And rather than hunting down the typical street food that I would usually go after in Shanghai, I came to this place, in part because it was close to the hotel, and in part since it's not often that I come across Jean-Georges restaurants. This one was apparently created in collaboration with his Korean-American wife.

Anyway, I asked for a few recommendations, and ended up with that wagyu bibimbap above. It was fine, but didn't blow me away. Perhaps what was more interesting were the less Korean-influenced items, like a single asparagus spear dressed in a sesame dressing, as well as a berry dessert with some kind of Korean alcohol in it, if I heard them correctly. That, and the unlimited beer that they were offering this month for only CNY98 (US$15). Maybe I'll come try the BBQ one day.

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