Friday, July 17, 2015

Hunting Down Lunch at Shanghai Pudong T2

Harbin Beer and Instant Noodles

I didn't have time for lunch today, so I had to hunt down something at the airport. I didn't have much time there either so I figured I'd clear immigration first and then see what I could find. The Air China lounge was huge but there was no hot food available at 3:30 PM. All I got there was a beer and instant noodles, neither of which I bothered finishing.

Set C

Fortunately, there was a small food court in front of the lounge, so I went there and got this set from a dumpling shop called Tianxia Jiaozi. This was quite a bore as well. Next time I should just stay landside and go to that Shanghai Ren Jia place, as there really wasn't anything worthwhile after immigration.

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