Thursday, June 04, 2015

Gaoyu Japanese in Taipei, Taiwan


We originally came to this place (8 Jianguo North Road Section 1 Lane 92, +886-2-2515-3369) because a colleague said that it was a slightly cheaper alternative to Sasa. Except it wasn't really that much cheaper; they only did sets at either NT$3000 (US$100) or NT$4000 (US$130).

We went for the NT$4000 one, which interestingly started out like more of a kaiseki with a lot of cooked food. That fish above was probably the best of it it all; I'm not sure what kind of fish it was but it was smoky and rich. Other highlights included grilled kinmedai sperm (not as rich as cod sperm but still good) as well as a grilled kinki fish, which was nice and buttery.

And just when we thought that our meal was wrapping up, suddenly a bunch of sushi came out, including a cut of ootoro that was much better than one that we had at Sasa earlier this week. Despite that, I still like Sasa better, as it's much more sushi-focused.

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