Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Burmese Mango Season!

Burmese Mangoes

I was on my way home tonight when the thought occurred to me: it's May right now, which means that it's mango season. I quickly made a detour over to the fruit stands at Tanjong Pagar Plaza to see what they had. Jackpot! They had Burmese ones. The dude mentioned that the season for Burmese mangoes is very tight; perhaps just over a month until mid-June. He was charging S$3 (US$2.25) each, which was higher than the guy next to him selling three for S$7 (US$5.30), but it didn't matter either way. I love how these things are not just sweet but also a bit coconut-like, making them much more fun to eat than one-dimensional Thai honey mangoes.

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