Monday, May 25, 2015

Harold's Chicken Shack in Chicago, Illinois

Two Fish & Two Chicken Combo

On my first visit to Chicago (wow - more than 15 years ago), I wanted to come to Harold's out of sheer curiosity, as I had heard that they sold fried chicken behind bulletproof glass. Somehow I never made my way there despite passing through town so many times, so I made sure that I went there today.

It turned out that it was a chain...or a loose chain, anyway. Each outlet is different, and the one I went to in downtown (636 South Wabash Avenue, 312-362-0442) didn't have any bulletproof glass, to my dismay. Still, I ordered some wings with fish and hot sauce and dug in.

They fried to order, so everything came out piping hot and crispy (that's fish in front, in case you're wondering; the chicken wings are under the sliced bread). The batter wasn't anything that special but ultimately it still went down easily, especially with a bit of that hot sauce.

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Parmesh Singh Rikhraj said...

Freddie Gibbs actually has a song about the place: