Thursday, May 28, 2015

Garden Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown

Singapore Noodles

This definitely was not my first choice of restaurants. I originally went to a rather upscale place a few blocks away, only to realize that they were doing a prix fixe menu that would have taken at least two hours to finish, which I definitely was not in the mood for. So I checked Google Maps and found that R&G Lounge wasn't too far away. Except when I got to R&G, they were closing. I was thus desperate to get anything in my belly, and these guys were across the street (716 Kearny Street, 415-956-7888).

Incidentally, they also offered a live salt & pepper crab, although they also said that they were $46 and upwards, so I downshifted into some noodles. Singapore Noodles, to be specific, especially since it's not something that I can get in Singapore. Interestingly they seemed to use something more like shacha sauce rather than a bright yellow curry powder. But it still worked for me, as I really needed some food to soak up all of that beer in my belly.

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