Monday, April 13, 2015

Neon Pigeon on Keong Saik Road, Singapore


I still needed a bit more food, so I stopped by this newly-opened place on my way home (1 Keong Saik Road #1-03, 6222-3623). It was billed as a modern izakaya, but that was a bit misleading too. Sure, many of the dishes had Japanese origins, but it was really just contemporary small plates.

My favorite of the bunch was the yuzo kosho cauliflower, which was grilled perfectly and sat on a delightfully spicy puree. The octopus above was a bit soft but still worked for me, as did an oxtail and Hokkaido corn miso soup, which they spiked up with a bit of chili, all in a perfect little serving size.

To be sure, not everything blew me away. The bone marrow, for instance, was seasoned with furikake, which made it off-puttingly sweet (just a little sea salt would have been sufficient, guys!). I didn't care that much for one of my cocktails either. But I'll still come back; it's ultimately still a fun place.

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