Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Atlanta's Wing Zone in Singapore

Hot Shot Tenders

Wing Zone is a chain from Atlanta that has been in Singapore for a while now, but I never made it out to Tampines to try it. So when I noticed that they had opened another outlet at Bugis+, I stopped to try it, even though I had just eaten earlier. It was what you might expect from a buffalo wing shop, albeit with a wide variety of sauces. I went for the "hot shot" sauce, which was one notch down from the spiciest.

It turned out that that was basically your typical buffalo wing sauce: nothing hotter, nothing milder. The bigger disappointment was my choice of protein. I went for the "boneless" wings, figuring that maybe they somehow magically pulled the bones out of the wings like they sometimes do in Thailand. Nope. These turned out to be cuts of breast meat that were so dry that I didn't bother to finish. Next time, maybe try the tenders instead.

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