Sunday, January 04, 2015

Penang Kia Prawn Mee in Sengkang

Prawn Mee

I'm not exactly sure what makes this a Penang version...nor do I eat prawn noodles frequently enough to be able to easily identify the differences between other hawkers in Singapore. But somehow I recall the 8 Days writeup of this place sounding rather interesting, so we came here today for an afternoon snack (205D Compassvale Lane #01-02).

Yeah, I liked it. He made our bowl nice and spicy, and I liked everything from the paper thin slices of pork to the deep and earthy soup, not to mention those delightful little bits of crackling scattered in the bowl. Now, admittedly the Naked Finn's version is still my favorite, but that's also priced multiple times higher. I'd eat this again if I'm ever in the neighborhood.


ClearTear said...

mainly spicy, the soup version also spicy and strong prawn shell and shallot taste.

ceadsearc said...

Hey eatbma, there's a really great prawn mee located at Bestway building named Hong Yuan Prawn Noodle. I've written about it at:

You might want to try it - it's that good.