Saturday, January 03, 2015

2it & drink at Valley Point in Singapore

Calamari Fritti

The word "2it" was a very puzzling name for an Italian restaurant; one might have thought that it was the name of a rapper, dermatology clinic, or software company instead. But when I saw the small "& drink" tagline underneath, I finally realized that it wasn't pronounced "two-it," but rather "to eat" (think: like Mario Batali's Eataly). More importantly, it looked like they made homemade pastas from scratch here. We came by tonight out of curiosity.

It was surprisingly good. Sure, our expectations were very low given the many boring Italian restaurants previously at this location (491 River Valley Road #01-01, 6737-3001), but we liked everything that we got here, be it the delicately fried calamari above or the multiple plates of pasta that we ordered, all of which had just the right bite and texture. The tagliatelle in particular was one of our favorites, especially with its delicious bolognese sauce.

Yay! Finally have we found a spot in Singapore that does pasta right, despite the millions of other Italian places around. It was only after I looked it up just now did I realize why this place is so good: it's run by the folks behind Otto. This place is definitely more downscale, with the menu limited to just pasta and pizza plus a handful of mains. But the ingredients that they used were of high enough quality that we'll easily come back.

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