Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tacos El Tucanazo in San Jose

Tacos Crispy

I thought I saw a food cart lit up at the parking lot of the O'Reilly Auto Parts store at 1170 Blossom Hill Road a couple of weeks ago. And yet when I went back during the daytime, it was never there. So I swung by tonight on the assumption that he only set up shop in the evenings, and fortunately I was correct.

He only did tacos and quesadillas. There were your typical tacos with a selection of meat of course. But then I saw a bunch of greasy folded up things on the griddle and asked him what they were. He kept dodging my question, saying that there was nothing but simply beans and cheese inside them. When kept pressing him for a name, he shrugged a few times before reluctantly suggesting the name "tacos crispy?," as if he were making it up.

Either way, I asked for a couple of those, and wolfed these piping hot things down with ease, especially with his selection of garnishes and salsa, including a red chili oil. Yes, I'm definitely coming back here again for a quick snack. I should have asked him how late he usually stays open.

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