Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Excited About Canned Seafood

Canned Tuna and Crab

Call me crazy, but lately I've been getting excited about going to the canned seafood section of a supermarket to see what is available. Maybe it was kicked off by my first taste of that Calvo tuna from Spain on the left; sitting in a bit of olive oil, it was so much better than that nasty stuff that I had growing up as a kid. I didn't mind that Sirena brand from Australia either, although Calvo was still better.

To my surprise, I also found Raincoast Trading commonly available here. See, Andrew Zimmern featured it on his Vancouver episode, mentioning something about them only cooking the fish once, keeping it moist in the can with its own oils. I liked the salmon that I got from them, but I found myself having to add olive oil to the tuna just to keep myself interested.

Then of course, there is that dressed crab, which was so tasty that I immediately went back to the store to buy two more (was it because they mixed the crab meat with the crab guts?). I also tried a tin of "kipper snacks"; I had no idea what they were, but the name alone got me curious. It was basically just canned herring. Yes, I liked those little oily things, but not as much as the crab.


michczl said...

hello, may i ask which supermarket did you score these canned goodness from? thanks!

bma said...

Calvo was at Giant. Rain Coast and Epicure was at Jason's. Sirena was at Cold Storage.