Sunday, June 16, 2013

(Fake) Spanish Elver Eels in a Can


Meidi-Ya has been running a Spanish Fair over the past few days, featuring everything from jamón and manchego cheese to one of my recent fixations, Spanish canned seafood. And when I saw these baby eels in a can, I freaked out, instantly throwing one into the shopping cart along with some octopus and even sea urchin. Yum!

I opened them up for breakfast over the weekend, with the eels unhesitatingly being opened first. Now, keep in mind that at only S$19.95 (US$15.90), these were clearly not the real thing. They were effectively fish-flavored noodles, but I still happily gobbled up these mildly spicy gulas given how long it was since I last had them, almost wishing that I had bought a second tin.

Alas, I still had others, including some pulpo that I particularly enjoyed given the extra stank that the canning process provided. The sea urchin that I got was a bit of a shock though, especially given how accustomed I am to eating the fresh stuff. Nonetheless, I was so happy with all of this loot that I'm eager to go back and buy some of those canned clams that I saw too.

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