Friday, August 15, 2014

China's Xian La Dao in Singapore

Hot Pot

When 8 Days mentioned that there was a new chain from Fujian that had opened up at the Grandstand (200 Turf Club Road #03-08, 6463-8878), I got excited. After all, they positioned it against Hai Di Lao, complete with the free manicures that its competitor is known for. I was curious to see what this was like.

It was less posh - and less gaudy - than Hai Di Lao, and but the quality of the ingredients was still respectable despite how lifeless that meat may appear above (it was definitely much better than those dingy buffets in Geylang!). The "normal" level of mala broth was just right, and they had a mushroom broth to go with it too. So yes, I liked this place better than Hai Di Lao, and would rather come here instead.

Interestingly, that Mara Shabu place down at Pasar Bella has since re-branded to become more focused on Japanese shabu shabu, presumably because their mala option would not have been able to compete with these guys.

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but how was the manicure?