Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney, Australia

From front: Clyde River Sydney Rock Oysters with Mignonette Sauce and Four Raw Tastes of the Sea

After so many days of pub food, I needed something lighter and more refined tonight. This place (66 Hunter Street, 8078-1900) is supposed to be one of the better places around town, so I grabbed a bunch of starters and gobbled away, with those silky Sydney Rock Oysters from Clyde River being one of my favorites.

The other items that I got were fine, including some kind of raw fish plate, but the grilled octopus that I got was so salty that I nearly considered sending it back (I didn't). Either way, I was happy to have found a place that served warrigal greens, especially since I was on the hunt for local food.

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