Sunday, June 15, 2014

Revisiting Kraze Burgers from Korea

Vegetarian Menu

File this one away under my childish "Engrish" collection, but this sight from Kraze Burgers at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands was just so amusing that I had to put it up. It wasn't just the fact that they put a picture of a beef patty right onto the vegetarian page of the menu, but more so, the burger in the bottom left corner of the photo is "Perfect for Vagans." Hmm...I'm definitely not a vegan, but a Vagan? Yeah, I guess that I qualify for that. :)

All nastiness aside, let's move onto another bit of nastiness: the food itself. I didn't really like Kraze the first time I tried it, and yet a colleague of mine keeps raving about how good it is (in Korea, anyway). I must be ordering the wrong items then, as the Maximum Hot burger, while spicy, was also filled with an American barbecue sauce that just didn't do it for me. The patty left a lot to be desired too, so I was screwed whether I ate it with the sauce or not. Ugh.

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