Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kraze Burgers is now at Liang Court

KG Burger

I've been wanting to go to Kraze Burgers from Korea ever since they opened up shop at the Marina Bay Sands. But it never seemed worth the hassle of having to go there, so when I noticed that they had opened up another outlet at Liang Court (177 River Valley Road #01-09, 6333-5389), I finally had my chance to give it a try.

Unfortunately, it looks like they brought their casino-like prices along with them. Seriously, S$15 (US$12) for a Tiger beer...at a casual burger shop?? And S$6 (US$5) for a glass of orange juice, even if freshly squeezed? Burgers were generally up to about S$15 (US$12), making this much more expensive than next door neighbor McDonald's. Well, they did say upfront that Kraze was *not* fast, even if the casual brightly-lit decor suggested otherwise.

Either way, I didn't think that much of my KG Burger, which aside from some bulgogi marinade and mushrooms, really wasn't that remarkable (and in the case of that strange corn/bean/pineapple garnish, it was rather off-putting). I'll come back here to give one or two others a try, including a spicy version and a "naked" one too, but to me, this place is not unique enough to be worth the money yet.

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terence said...

I wanted to try Kraze Burgers when i saw them at MBS too especially with the hype surrounding them from food bloggers and news articles.
But was completely utterly put off by their 'casino prices', which leads me to wonder if its seriously this expensive back in Korea!
Its a pity that more and more often, we seem to have to pay ridiculous prices for new food concepts here, especially when the standards aren't even equal to back in their home countries.
I'll be ok with that, with the lack of available ingredients and all, but please stop ripping us off!

In any case, have you tried Triple O by Whitespot? Its a Canadian chain of fast food burgers except they are marketed just above that of the humble fast food joint. They are still slightly pricey compared to back in Canada but at least they taste pretty good.

Give 'em a try, they are at Asian Food Square in the new Citibank building at 8 Marina View, opposite Lau Pa Sat!