Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Make Your Own Taco at the United Club HK

Make Your Own Taco at the United Club HK

I didn't eat this...I just happened to notice it on my way out to the gate. In retrospect, maybe I should have made one, as I'm starving right now, and they didn't clear my upgrade request on this last leg even though the plane is nearly empty. They said that it was because my flight from Hong Kong to Singapore was booked as one long segment out of Chicago rather than two separate ones. And since I wasn't upgraded on the way out of O'Hare, they couldn't do anything about it for the last leg from HK.

Apparently I should have booked it as two segments (yes, it sounds really silly...and being Global Services didn't seem to make a difference). That sucks, especially since they already took my upgrade voucher for the leg out of Mexico City. And my seat assignment in economy was, of all things, in a completely full row. Well, the plane was empty enough that I just went to grab an empty row further back. But yeah, I was expecting to get a huge meal in flight and I now I regret not eating.

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Eric Helfer said...

That's real strange about the HK-SIN leg. Doesn't seem right to me regarding their explanation either?? I'd right to the 1k desk especially if you used your upgrade.