Monday, June 02, 2014

"Eggs" on UA Business from Mexico City


When they asked me if I wanted pancakes or eggs this morning, I figured that they were talking about the usual United fare. So it was to my surprise when they brought out these "eggs" that they were Mexican, complete with salsa verde, machaca (?), and a little tostada topped with frijoles. Nice!

Of course, this still wasn't anything to go nuts for, and I still wish that I had enough time to get something to eat in the terminal this morning instead. Hopefully next time the flight won't be so early; the landside outlet of La Mansion had bone marrow taquitos (!), if I read the menu correctly.

BTW, check out the CAPTCHA challenge that United's in-flight Wi-Fi just threw at me when I tried to sign back in just now. #facepalm

United Wi-Fi CAPTCHA Challenge

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