Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Rosarito Foodtruck in Austin, Texas

Octopork and Gobernador

After a number of cocktails tonight, I needed some food. So I hobbled over to the corner of 5th and Colorado where at least six or seven food trucks were still running into the night. Admittedly none of them really stuck out at me, so I reluctantly just settled on the last one that I could find. Fortunately, I picked a good one.

I grabbed an "octopork" featuring grilled octopus and fried pork belly as well as a "gobernador" featuring grilled shrimp and melted cheese, all topped with mango habanero and papaya habanero salsa. Yes, they were as awesome as they looked and sounded, especially with those delicious corn tortillas. Yum!

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