Thursday, May 22, 2014

Al-Bake Restaurant in New Delhi, India

Chicken Tasqua

Whoa that was pretty f*ckin' good. After finishing meetings today, we walked by some kebab shops when my local colleagues asked me if I wanted to try some. Frankly, I was still so stuffed from lunch that I nearly passed, but hey - who am I to ever decline an offer to try some local food?? Apparently this Al-Bake chain (pronounced as you see it, as if Al Pacino were baking a cake) was supposed to be one of the better ones.

And they were right. This chicken tasqua, which I got because the menu said that it was very spicy, was delightfully hot and fun to eat, especially when paired with some of those raw onions and raita, all with a squeeze of lime. Awesome. My tummy is still kinda warm with all of the spices that were in that thing. I liked this grimey little place much better than that upscale Great Kebab Factory.

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