Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moti Mahal Delux in New Delhi, India

Chicken Briyani

Daaaaaaaammmmnnn that was good! And this was a totally random stop too. We were headed to a meeting and didn't have much time to eat, so we came here. It was an outlet of a chain that has been around since 1920, apparently. My colleagues ordered a few things like daal and some mutton curry, both of which I liked. But when it came to the carbs, I passed on the naan and asked for rice instead, to which they got me this briyani.

Oh man, I loved that thing. It was a bit on the moist side, but it was so darned tasty as well (dare I say, perhaps even better than Bismillah??). Gotta love those little purple shallots and fresh green chili peppers that they offered on the side too. That reminds me...I should get my colleagues to take me to that Hyderabani briyani place around there that they wanted to take me to last time.

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insomnia said...

Apparently Moti Mahal is where butter chicken was invented (or at least, popularized before it was a standard menu item)