Monday, April 14, 2014

KORYO Korean Baked Chicken Hof (KBC)

Jeju Box

Another Korean chicken place has opened up in Singapore (3 Pickering St #01-44/45, 6223-4545), but this one bakes its chicken rather than deep frying it. While that may make one's conscience feel better, it just wasn't as crispy as its less healthy counterpart. I wonder if some of that was because it had been sitting around waiting for the lunch hour rather than being freshly baked.

The good thing though was that these came out naked rather than being slathered in an excessively sweet sauce, the latter of which is the main reason why I don't get cravings for Korean fried chicken. Being undressed meant that I could actually taste the cinnamon (or was it anise?) in the batter. One could buy dipping sauces if one wanted to though, including a rather sweet yet spicy gochujang-like mixture.

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