Sunday, September 08, 2013

Korea's NeNe Chicken in Singapore

Green Onion Tender Meal

I must have gone into this place at the Star Vista at least three times when they first opened, and yet I walked out empty handed (stomached?) every single time. Some of it because they cooked to order and needed 15 minutes to bring the food out. Some of it was because the sauce that I wanted to try, "Freaking Hot," was only available with a large order. And some of it was simply because I was too lazy to use my hands to gnaw meat off a bone.

But today when I went in, I noticed that the menu was a bit different. They were doing boneless chicken tenders for a single diner. They offered the Freaking Hot sauce on the side. And when I asked them if they still needed 15 minutes to cook the food, they checked with the kitchen and said that it was only five minutes away. With that, I finally placed my order and sat down (1 Vista Exchange Green #01-24, 6694-5489).

It ended up taking only three or four minutes at the most. And the good thing was that the chicken was piping hot and tender. That green onion sauce was a bit weird, but the Freaking Hot sauce really was pretty hot, if still annoyingly sweet (I've come to expect that of Korean fried chicken though). Either way, the thing that they were totally missing was some cold OB, Hite, or Cass on tap to wash that stuff down. I had to go get a beer from the fridge at home later just to satiate that missing feeling.

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