Monday, July 02, 2012

An Outlet of Chicken Jumak in Korea

Hot and Spicy Chicken

Fried chicken chains are everywhere in Korea, and we must have passed by at least a handful of different ones in less than 24 hours here. So when we needed something for dinner tonight, we stopped at a chain called Chicken Jumak for a plate of wings.

I was a bit hesitant to get the spicy version, mainly because every single time I've had this stuff in the past, it was too sweet and too big. I hoped that perhaps it might be different here in Korea itself, but alas, it was again sweet and gigantic. Clearly, I prefer smaller, more vinegary American wings instead.

Even if this stuff packed some sincere heat, I just didn't enjoy eating all of that sugar coated batter. (And that cabbage drizzled with ketchup and mayo?? Yuck!) Frankly, the best thing out of this meal was the cold draft beer, which was crisp and refreshing after a long day on our feet.

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Unknown said...

Hi there!
Those wings look like the one at "bonchon" ion basement!
Have you tried eating there? :)