Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Gæst at The Clift in Singapore's CBD

Potato Sandwich

Oh man, that was good! The Sunday Times wasn't joking when they said that they liked this little Nordic deli, eh? (21 McCallum Street #01-01, 6634-0922) Anyway, it might be hard to tell from the photo, but that was an open-faced potato sandwich. And everything was done just right, from the quality bread underneath to the surprisingly the crunchy topping on top, all facilitated by a delicately seasoned sauce. I'm definitely coming back here for more, although I need to remember to come at off-peak hours...even at 2 PM, this place was packed today.

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peanutsandbeer said...

Dude, I cannot believe you're still blogging after 9 years. It is absolutely insane and awesome. I started reading you in '05/'06 and only just decided to google the old eatbma. it would be too cool to bump into you in some airport somewhere.

keep at it!