Friday, January 31, 2014

Local Pei Tor Rabbitfish for CNY


OK so I think I have a slightly better understanding of this local rabbitfish now than I did last time I ate this stuff. If my information is correct, this stuff normally goes for S$10/kg (US$3.50/lb), but in the runup to the Lunar New Year holidays, the price surges to well over S$100 (US$35/lb), in part due to a belief that it brings good luck, but also since this is usually when they get filled with roe and become sweeter.

Those in the photo above didn't seem to have any roe in them though, perhaps because they were frozen. And frankly, the meat otherwise didn't really have much taste, although I still enjoyed eating it thanks to that cilantro and sour Teochew chili sauce. I definitely want to try some fresh ones with roe to see what it tastes like though; I wonder if I can still get some at the market next week...hopefully at more reasonable prices?

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