Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Second Bar + Kitchen in Austin, Texas

Littleneck Clams and Truffle Grits

Yes, that's another lousy photo above. But it was really dark in there, and that was the best that I could get. Anyway, this was from a fine dining place in Austin called Congress, but from their more casual extension called Second Bar + Kitchen, where I could walk right up to the bar and get some quick bites before heading back to work (200 Congress Avenue, 827-2750).

They apparently share the same kitchen as their more upscale neighbor, and it showed in the food, including those deliciously juicy clams, silky truffle grits, or even just a simple salad on the side (yes, I desperately need some green vegetables after all of the stuff that I've been eating over the past week!), all washed down by a nice local ale. That was exactly the kind of place that I was looking for.

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